dimarts, 21 de febrer de 2012

Digital Coding System for diggins using Datamatrix 2D codes (eng)

Ponent 2002 jointly with the archaelogical team CEPAP of the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) has developed an innovative way for coding the diggings based on bidimensional 2D codes Datamatrix.


The codes are being used from the dig place, where all the diggins are being geolocated and coded with a 2D datamatrix tag.


During the whole process of cleaning, studying and storing of the diggings, the pieces are identified by reading the code with a laser pistol connected to the special software database that handles all the information.

The miniaturization reached allows the archaeologist to code really small pieces, 2.5 milimeters sided.

Press article about the system.

For more information about this visit our Siglado.com website

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