dijous, 16 de febrer de 2012

Google Liquid Galaxy (English)

In direct colaboration with Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley, Ponent 2002 has experience in the creation of Google Liquid Galaxy projects.
Google Liquid Galaxy consists usually in a set of 8 55" big size screens each one driven by his own PC, allocated in an immersive 270 degree scenario.
The screens, running an adapted version of Google Earth, are able to project in a syncronized way all the contents of maps, 3D views and so on from the Google Earth database.
Google's Liquid Galaxy allows us to fly around the world in seconds, using a special 3D joystick or tablet computer to search places or go to a special point of interest.

Better than a thousand words let's see a demo video with Jason Holt, Google's engineer creator of the Liquid Galaxy:

Or in this promo video from the Lleida's Scientific Park, where we have a Liquid Galaxy running

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